Val Gardena



Val Gardena Springdays

Val Gardena Springdays - from 18th of March until 25th of March 2022 

For  7 days of accomodation you will get one day for free (6+1).

This offer is valid for accomodation, skipass and ski hire. 

7 = 6 7 nights accomodation at the price of 6 

6 = 5 skipass and ski hire for 6 dasys at the price of  5

From 25th of March until end of the season  

4 = 3 4 nights and skipsaas at the price of 3  

Please ask for the voucher at the hotel/accomodation to get the free skiday. 
first valid day for this offer: 19.03.2022 or 25.03.2022 



Val Gardena SuperPremière

Val Gardena SuperPremière - Val Gardena offers you one complimentary day of holiday.Extraordinary offers from 03th to 27 December 2022
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Val Gardena Springdays

Val Gardena Springdays - from 18th March 2022 until 25th of March 
If you book a 6-night stay, we will offer you one additional free day of vacation (6+1).